Wednesday, January 9, 2019

What is Dark Web? How to enter Dark website?

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 Everyone likes to talk, so today we will discuss a mysterious dark world. Do you know how many websites are there in the internet and Google? More than 1 billion which is not possible to count. But the Dark Web site has more than this.

Now we'll know the surface web and dark web keys. Surface is the web that we get on the internet or Google. Surface Web 5% remaining 95% dark web. Seeing more than 1 billion web pages in our 5℅. But 95% of web sites can be dark web. You can not imagine that.

Now let's come back to the dark website. Dark web is the worst of the dark world, murderer, terrorist darks dealer, hacker etc. You can hire them from there if you wish. Dark Web is not a bad thing, there is something good that they do not always do bad things, you can hire them for good work.

For example, if you want to buy a  IPhone set, you can buy at a much lower price. You can buy from here at a lower price than half price.

But there is no work for us on why there is no ban on our Dark Web. There is no work for all the bad guys or murderers.

So how can you enter this website, if I want to give some method, you can enter there. We usually use Medina Fairfax, croon browser, but you can not access them in the dark web, for them, there are some special browsers for them. You can access them through the other browsers like Tor browser.

You need to collect their links from the Internet and then you can access them on their official website. So friends will remain here today, I will discuss some more in this subject.

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