Monday, January 7, 2019

What is article 13/ Could it hurt us?/What it can do to YouTube

What is article 13? 

 Now a days this topic is discussed more on YouTube. So friends, we know more about this topic today. Article 13 knows what is harmful and what is profitable.

★ Article 13 is a new policy of the European Government that helps to make a lot of choices in copyright.

★ Now let's face what this is for YouTube article 13. Article 13 The main reason is that if you make a video without any permission from a website, then your YouTube channel will be deleted. Before the stack came, but now the channel will be deleted.

★ Under the influence of Indian Bangladeshi and other countries, YouTube has many thoughts because they are concerned about the big YouTube to bring any of their videos from any other site. Nevertheless, there is no reason to worry because some of the bigger channels can not be lost or deleted by this way, there will be some way to find out whether the Government of Bangladesh or Indian Government will find a solution.

★ Like Indian Big YouTube technical guruji  taken from any of his or her any educational any of any video of the educationalanal channel. So there is a possibility of its channel being deleted.

If you find any new news about articles 13, then I will post it. Stay with me for him.