Tuesday, January 15, 2019

In 2018, the latest updates to WhatsApp are being released

By 2018, WhatsApp has become one billion + user in almost all the world of WhatsApp. Now all the work is done via WhatsApp, video call audio call and text message etc.

I fall from some blogs from some people and understand that there is a fake app released in India or whatsapp beta. Because of this many people are facing many problems

2018 has, however, been a tough year for the instant messaging platform as it came under scrutiny for the spread of fake news and misinformation.

Yet there is a setting in the application which is a good feature of charting which is one of the things to do :

WhatsApp stickers

Perhaps the biggest feature of this year is the sticker, which was the best among Google

It is a lot simpler and it is available in different messenger but whats up October is doing a great job by uploading these facilities.

You can find WhatsApp stickers in an icon right next to the GIFT icons in the emoji menu. You are then greeted with three tabs gone with your recent stickers, second with your favourites all the stickers. There’s also a + icon in the corner that allows you to add more stickers to WhatsApp via a sticker store.

You can make your own made stickers by using WhatsApp Blog

WhatsApp group calling

WhatsApp calling has been around for nearly two years now, But the install text message and WhatsApp voice group calling and video group call are already started in 2018. It's a great deal of WhatsApp group audio calling  and group video calls.

According to my knowledge there are no better upload for 2018 year.



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