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15+ Best Android App 2018

Best Android App 2018 : Best Android Apps You Should Use In 2019. Finding the best Android apps is tricky.  Best App 2018. Very use full and Best App.

Best Android App 2018

We all use Android mobile in everyday life. Android apps and mobile are used when using mobile. So we need to know that there were some of the best android apps in the year 2018. And today we will know about what they can do for us. The apps I will talk about today are a lot of cute flowers and they can be of great help to you. And these apps will be available in Play Store, so you can download from there. 

1. Express VPN

Express VPN has been released in 2018 with a good or improved VPN play store. It is a very good and advanced conscience that will get VPN Connection in many countries or IP address and it has a stomach or free version. So, in my opinion, you can use your ID for Best Android phone.

2. Signal Private Messenger

Single private messenger is a messenger which has more than 10 million downloads in 2018 by Play Store. The application is very useful so you can use it. His name has been given single because it is the only way to get the same message for another app like grouping

3. Google pay

Google Pay is a Google company application through which you can make money from your bank account. Through this, you can easily transfer money to any of your family member's accounts from your account or transfer money to your friend's account, a simple application and very useful.

4. Duck Duck Go

It is an application called postal mail in 2018, many marketers have used it more than 1 billion plus people. It's like another browsing application, but it has some facilities that is not in the other application.

5. Find My Device

This is an application through which you lose your mobile phone, you can move around the mobile without the computer. Location of your mobile. It is very useful and grade applications 2018.

6. Google News

Google company launches an application for their news and you will receive news from around the world in this application.  This is a lot of useful applications for Android devices. Google news application is best application for all other new application. 

7. Google Due

Google duo application is video call application. This video call application of all the world in Play Store. Is the best video call application for Android. Education launch for Google company. App downloads are about 1 billion plus.  Many people use this application because it is a lot of users' applications and launch it google. Because all the Google company's applications are best.

8. Google Drive

 Google Drive is an application that lets you open a Gmail account and save your personal picture, video etc. life time generation This is a useful application. First, 30GB free, you can buy the heat if you need more. Everyone uses the app. Because they can not always have personal things on their computer or their mobile phones and they can be deleted so they can save it in Gmail. If your privacy is more than 3gb then the Google company can sell more than 100 200 500 GB and you can buy it at a very low cost.

9.  Max player

Max play is a great app. There is a man with an Android phone but does not have Max Player app. It's a very popular application, it uses everyone to listen to music video songs.  Everyone knows about this application and I will not say anything more about this.

10 . Pics art

Pics art easy a very great pic editing application. It is very useful application. By editing the mobile, this application is number 1 because everyone uses the application to edit their pictures. Can you edit the application with different Pcs on my mobile, etc.?

11. Smart AppLock

By hearing the name of this app, you can understand that this is a Lock application, it is the best application for Android phones in 2018. Download the App about 1m +. I do not know a lot about applications, so I can not say anything about it. But by using the ket to see what the facility will be got a good BCD will not find anyone so much download it.

12. ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer This is usually the zib file  estate that is on your computer. You can do this by mobile phone and este one. It is very easily application. It is very useful application so you can use this application and this application available on Play Store.

13. PayPal

We all know Paper is an account of a dollar transaction. If you buy anything you will find PayPal's options where you can buy it through the account. PayPal's users do not decrease day by day. As you do shopping online but you do not have a credit card or debit card, you can shop through PayPal. Paypal is very Useful application. Generally it is done with the computer in the internet but now the technology is high it is a mobile application to charge mobile.

15. What's app

We all know or use the WhatsApp application everyone knows about it. But you all know that I do not know, but WhatsApp wants to update their new WhatsApp month every month so that their. They add new things. What is the best application of all the world for video calling? It is WhatsApp. It is very very useful and easy application. Today, WhatsApp users use more than 1 billion people.  It is one among secure Android messaging apps and is also accessible from a desktop environment.

Best Android App 2018

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