Wednesday, January 23, 2019

5+ Best Android App 2018

Best Android App 2018 : This article about Best Android App 2018. very useful application. 2018 New app you download. These app like Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Vivo etc. These apps will run on all mobile phones.

Best Android App 2018

All the apps I talk about today are available in the Play Store. If you like these apps you can download Form Play Store.

Best Android App 2018


Grammarly is a keyboard for Android App. Through this software you are wrong if you type something. It will show on the side. That's right. Through this application, if you write a post on Facebook or write something on another social site. If there is something wrong or if the spelling is wrong then he will show it on the side. The keyboard that is on the mobile is auto connect but it will not be auto connect. An advantage is that if there is a spelling mistake on a Facebook post, you can fix it from there. The Google Pay App will easily transfer money from your bank account to another account Google safe mode.

 carrot weather

Carrot weather app it is one of the wonderful crazy and useful app. One will show you all the  city weather in all countries. The easiest way is to get weather news through the app easily. In my opinion, this application can be used

Google Play

We all know that Google is a big company . How can you tune your money in Google's Safe Mode? With Google, you can transcribe your money from your bank account or give it to your friend or your family any member account. Now people in all countries make money through Google. Useful apps you can use it. In my opinion, this application can be used.

Hi Translation

By hearing the name of this app, you understand that it is a transaction application. It's best to have the transition app in the middle of the internet. And it's a very useful app. First you download it and enable  all the settings, you can easily do any language translation. It is a very useful app and can easily transition any language and into Google Translate. There is so much fun in this app, but there is no such facility in Google Translate. So you can use this application to your Android device. This is the useful that I use that you can use it.

Disk digger

Disk Digger is an application that allows you to cut any picture on your Android phone. Or you are cutting it, now it seems that the picture can be broken, then you can recovery through this application. Any picture you can recover before it's like. The app's enterprise is a lot simpler to use. Station pictures will not be downloaded, they will need to roots your phone to which you can download.

In my opinion, the applications were the best in 2018, I am using them, you also use them. Like many other applications launched in 2018, I will gradually write blogs of all the applications. So friends will not be seen anymore in the next blog.  thank you for reading my blg site.

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