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*Best* adult WhatsApp group link 2019 - Technical Hasan Mithu

Best adult WhatsApp group link 2019 : 

Hello guys, welcome to my site. In Today's post we will write about the Adult 18+ for all group links I was share. as you know Whatsapp has added new feature in Whatsapp, Now Every Whatsapp Group admin can invite all Whatsapp users by sending his own group invite link & any can join that Whatsapp group just clicking on it. Very simple you enter any WhatsApp group. Just a few seconds.

*Best* adult WhatsApp group link 2019

WhatsApp is very important social media site. Million of people use and connect other peoples for WhatsApp. Because this is very simple application. Or everyone like WhatsApp. There are two aspects of WhatsApp. A bad one is good Today we will know if you want to read the previous post about good topics, bad. Today we learn what is bad topics for WhatsApp. This adult contain or some bad girl groups. So you can visit groups.

Many people only searching for adult WhatsApp group Links on Internet daily. But They Didn’t Find a Specific Result, that’s why We Are Writing a Specific Post. So that you can easily enter those groups.  I can collect 100 of Adult 18+ group. I am college all adult group in internet I am share in this post. Some of group admin in bad girl. Or some of group admin is bad boy. Because WhatsApp is new update any can join any group without permission admin. So relax you can join this group. so you can visit this group.

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How to join there

1. First, Click on your favorite WhatsApp group links from below collection.

2. It will redirect you to a new window.

3. You can click the link an joined.

You can easily access all groups. Because after the new update of WhatsApp, all people can access all groups. But it is not that you can always be in this group. If you want to admin in this group you will be able to stay all the time. So relax you can definitely join this group. There are many groups here, one or the other must be able to enter

          2019 WhatsApp group link

*Best* WhatsApp group link 2019

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WhatsApp Group links 2019 - Technical Hasan Mithu

Whatsapp Group links 2019 :  Hey guys welcome. Sorry sorry to write an article late on this many days, I did not write article. So now we will write six article per week. Now, as much as I am having trouble, I will definitely give you an article every day. Always remember that we write articles very hard.  So our hard work will be accomplished only when you share this article with others.

Nowadays everyone uses WhatsApp. Everyone wants to be connected with thousands of groups. Whatsapp is very interesting social media or call app. Every people connect thousand of WhatsApp group. How do we enter these groups?

WhatsApp group links 2019

WhatsApp Group is a simple way to send any of your message to more users within a second. But generate a WhatsApp group link and join WhatsApp group is not so easy task. So today I am share some WhatsApp group links. You can join the group.

Best Adult whatsapp group link 2019

So I've linked thousands of groups, you can enter into whatever you want. You can  easily you can join WhatsApp group just click this link. Just enter the group you like. Here's a link to many groups.

WhatsApp Group links 2019 - Technical Hasan Mithu

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WhatsApp is very important social media site. For the very short time, new news is delivered to thousands of people via WhatsApp. The WhatsApp use day by day increase. Now people of all countries use WhatsApp. But people can not easily join any WhatsApp group. This is because they do not find the WhatsApp group. In this article, I will try to share the link of all the groups.

WhatsApp group links 2019

I am sharing this article on the link in the group is pub ji lover's, love story, sweet girl, hacking word, 18+ adult group, movie download group, YouTube's subscribers boost, website boost etc. All the group I share you can easily enter.

Badsho ka Badsha

Bindass Party


BBKi Vines

PUBG Lovers


Religion Politics Social Media

Movies Link Sharing Group

Desi Jokes and Whatsapp Status

Song Sharing group

Hindi Movies Masti

Dil Walon ki Dilli

Londo ka Mandi

Chunnu Munnu



Insight Education:


FUN🤣 & EARN💵 :



Teachers' Group:

1k subscribe for 10 Day:

Mission UPSC:

Work or study provide:

corner for study:

only educational media🙏🏾:

Badsho ka Badsha

Bindass Party


BBKi Vines

PUBG Lovers


Religion Politics Social Media

Movies Link Sharing Group

Desi Jokes and Whatsapp Status

Song Sharing group

Hindi Movies Masti

Dil Walon ki Dilli

Londo ka Mandi

Chunnu Munnu

only educational media🙏🏾: 

Aptech Info: 

In this article I am tech how to joined WhatsApp 1000 group. Next article I am coming hot 100 group and 18+ groups.Next article post obviously hot group link, and 18+ OK. I am always try my best. Our article obviously best of all articles. We always share our knowledge and So that you always get the benefit and keep us away.
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This some group links. This the best whatsapp group links 2019. Friends will comment if this article is helpful. Friends, I want all the time that if you read article we would have many helpful. If you like this article so share your friend. And obobviously common below.

From my heart: So Here it is the Huge list of 2019 whatsapp Group links. Guys we try to our best for you that we can share the best with you. so if you get any benefit then please share this post to your friend and others so our hard work can get a value. Thanks We will meet you soon in the next on. Bye bye…

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Now, you can read news, articles without internet using Chrome Beta for Android | Latest Chrome Beta Update | June 2018 | Technical Hasan Mithu

Now, you can read news, articles without internet using Chrome Beta for Android | Latest Chrome Beta Update | June 2018 | Technical Hasan Mithu

No doubt Google Chrome is the most use browser today, after crossing Internet Explorer users count, its on top, good and there is no doubt that its a good browser (except that if you have a computer with Low RAM, it really sucks, because it requires a lot of memory, and so its not Eco-friendly, but who cares). When you download Google Chrome from Google's site, it download an installer (sized ~800 KB), and after it download Google Chrome final setup, which size is ~31 MiB. If you have a DSL or high speed connection, but for a slow Internet connection it really a issue, you can't even resume this download, but you can download it using your favorite downloader (with resume support, directly from Google)

Read more to know how!!

Web search tool monster Google on June 21 presented disconnected web bolster for its Android-based Chrome program. The refresh is taking off for Chrome clients in India and in excess of 100 other creating nations, including Nigeria, Indonesia, and Brazil.

Chroom Browser edit by Technical Hasan Mithu

"Chrome will probably influence the web to function admirably for everybody, all over the place. From building disconnected abilities to a programmed information saver, we have propelled various highlights to enhance web openness particularly custom fitted to NBU markets. Be that as it may, it can be baffling and difficult to get to the web when you lose network or put in days disengaged. Spotty network ought not prevent us from getting to our most loved destinations to get data, regardless of whether it is late news or the most recent cricket comes about".

Presently, the Chrome program will naturally download applicable articles, in view of what content is most well known in your area. In any case, the download will be done just when the Chrome is associated with a free, unmetered WiFi arrange. Chrome will likewise get articles that are applicable, in view of perusing history, and if the client has marked into Chrome. It in this manner keeps you refreshed notwithstanding when you not associated with web

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15+ Best Android App 2018

Best Android App 2018 : Best Android Apps You Should Use In 2019. Finding the best Android apps is tricky.  Best App 2018. Very use full and Best App.

Best Android App 2018

We all use Android mobile in everyday life. Android apps and mobile are used when using mobile. So we need to know that there were some of the best android apps in the year 2018. And today we will know about what they can do for us. The apps I will talk about today are a lot of cute flowers and they can be of great help to you. And these apps will be available in Play Store, so you can download from there. 

1. Express VPN

Express VPN has been released in 2018 with a good or improved VPN play store. It is a very good and advanced conscience that will get VPN Connection in many countries or IP address and it has a stomach or free version. So, in my opinion, you can use your ID for Best Android phone.

2. Signal Private Messenger

Single private messenger is a messenger which has more than 10 million downloads in 2018 by Play Store. The application is very useful so you can use it. His name has been given single because it is the only way to get the same message for another app like grouping

3. Google pay

Google Pay is a Google company application through which you can make money from your bank account. Through this, you can easily transfer money to any of your family member's accounts from your account or transfer money to your friend's account, a simple application and very useful.

4. Duck Duck Go

It is an application called postal mail in 2018, many marketers have used it more than 1 billion plus people. It's like another browsing application, but it has some facilities that is not in the other application.

5. Find My Device

This is an application through which you lose your mobile phone, you can move around the mobile without the computer. Location of your mobile. It is very useful and grade applications 2018.

6. Google News

Google company launches an application for their news and you will receive news from around the world in this application.  This is a lot of useful applications for Android devices. Google news application is best application for all other new application. 

7. Google Due

Google duo application is video call application. This video call application of all the world in Play Store. Is the best video call application for Android. Education launch for Google company. App downloads are about 1 billion plus.  Many people use this application because it is a lot of users' applications and launch it google. Because all the Google company's applications are best.

8. Google Drive

 Google Drive is an application that lets you open a Gmail account and save your personal picture, video etc. life time generation This is a useful application. First, 30GB free, you can buy the heat if you need more. Everyone uses the app. Because they can not always have personal things on their computer or their mobile phones and they can be deleted so they can save it in Gmail. If your privacy is more than 3gb then the Google company can sell more than 100 200 500 GB and you can buy it at a very low cost.

9.  Max player

Max play is a great app. There is a man with an Android phone but does not have Max Player app. It's a very popular application, it uses everyone to listen to music video songs.  Everyone knows about this application and I will not say anything more about this.

10 . Pics art

Pics art easy a very great pic editing application. It is very useful application. By editing the mobile, this application is number 1 because everyone uses the application to edit their pictures. Can you edit the application with different Pcs on my mobile, etc.?

11. Smart AppLock

By hearing the name of this app, you can understand that this is a Lock application, it is the best application for Android phones in 2018. Download the App about 1m +. I do not know a lot about applications, so I can not say anything about it. But by using the ket to see what the facility will be got a good BCD will not find anyone so much download it.

12. ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer This is usually the zib file  estate that is on your computer. You can do this by mobile phone and este one. It is very easily application. It is very useful application so you can use this application and this application available on Play Store.

13. PayPal

We all know Paper is an account of a dollar transaction. If you buy anything you will find PayPal's options where you can buy it through the account. PayPal's users do not decrease day by day. As you do shopping online but you do not have a credit card or debit card, you can shop through PayPal. Paypal is very Useful application. Generally it is done with the computer in the internet but now the technology is high it is a mobile application to charge mobile.

15. What's app

We all know or use the WhatsApp application everyone knows about it. But you all know that I do not know, but WhatsApp wants to update their new WhatsApp month every month so that their. They add new things. What is the best application of all the world for video calling? It is WhatsApp. It is very very useful and easy application. Today, WhatsApp users use more than 1 billion people.  It is one among secure Android messaging apps and is also accessible from a desktop environment.

Best Android App 2018

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13+ Facevook status caption | Best Caption For Facebook status 2018

13+ Facebook status caption | Best Caption For Facebook status 2018 :  Best attitude caption for Facebook status. 2018 best FB status caption. Top 20 attitude status for FB. Best Facebook status caption for this Year.

Best Facebook status caption 2018

Best Facebook status caption 2018

1. Don't Trust Too Much, Don't Love Too Much, Don't Hope Too Much, BEcause That Too, much Can Hurt You So Much

2. Fuck You Baby For Leaving When I Needed You The Most.

3. Stay Real, Stay Loyal Or Stay Away From Me. It Is That Simple.

4. Turn Your Pain Into Anger, Anger Into Motivation, Motivation Into Success.

5.  Everyone Leaves, Learn How To Survive Alone.

6. Women listen half, understand quarter but can tell double that is how powerful their ability of communication is.

7. Girls with big hair has full of secrets.

8. Girls love shopping not because they love to spend lots of money but because it is therapeutic.

9. Obviously, girls run the world.

10. Every woman is their own kind of beautiful.

11. Life
The soul is
It take hope to live
This is life and hope
You need smile
I'm Putting that to smile into it
Or someone hitting you.

12. Don't trust too much, don't love too much,  because that (" too much") will hurt you so much!

13. Let you love me.

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Best Facebook status caption 2018
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30+ instragram selfie captions 2018

30+ Instagram selfie captions 2018 :  Are you look for a perfect short selfie caption?  we have collected over 30+ short caption for selfie. Best Selfie Captions For 2018.

Instagram selfie caption

Funny Captains for  Instagram selfies.

1.  I am not a Lazy person.. I am just consuming my Energy Wisely!

2.  Fun with the cool group of old ladies.

3. What to do to make your day best? Simple Just Order Some Pizza!

4. Sometimes I feel like.. I am the Next Kung Fu Panda!

5. bMy Vodka Always motivates me to Dance!

 Some Best and Beautiful Instagram selfies Caption

6. I don’t always take selfies.

7. Stay Alive. Challenge Accepted!

8. Love this Look!

9. How is this fellas?

10. Sending my selfie to NASA, because I’m a star.

11.I was born to stand out.

12. Happiness is homemadeI

 13. love everything you hate about yourself

14. don't want anyone else but you

15. Get lost in what you love

16. Always better together

 17. Forget yourself  

18. When I am feeling down, I put on my favorite heels and dance.

19. Meanwhile at Walmart.

20. Let us get lost in the sunset together.

21. Changed all my passwords to incorrect, then every time I forget my password, it says “your password is incorrect”.

22. Women are like stars; there may be millions of them but only one can make your dreams come true.

23. Life is like a balloon; if you don’t let go, you will never know how high you can rise.

24. There is only one corner of the universe you can be Certain of improving, and that’s your own self. 

25. Morning boys 

26. College bound.

27. Getting my pose on

28. Under construction

29. All you need is pizza

30. Best time pass ever is clicking selfie.

I hope you like our best collection of " Instagram selfie caption "  helpful. Please don't be cheap our to share the collection with also you friend.

Instagram selfie caption

5+ Best Android App 2018

Best Android App 2018 : This article about Best Android App 2018. very useful application. 2018 New app you download. These app like Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Vivo etc. These apps will run on all mobile phones.

Best Android App 2018

All the apps I talk about today are available in the Play Store. If you like these apps you can download Form Play Store.

Best Android App 2018


Grammarly is a keyboard for Android App. Through this software you are wrong if you type something. It will show on the side. That's right. Through this application, if you write a post on Facebook or write something on another social site. If there is something wrong or if the spelling is wrong then he will show it on the side. The keyboard that is on the mobile is auto connect but it will not be auto connect. An advantage is that if there is a spelling mistake on a Facebook post, you can fix it from there. The Google Pay App will easily transfer money from your bank account to another account Google safe mode.

 carrot weather

Carrot weather app it is one of the wonderful crazy and useful app. One will show you all the  city weather in all countries. The easiest way is to get weather news through the app easily. In my opinion, this application can be used

Google Play

We all know that Google is a big company . How can you tune your money in Google's Safe Mode? With Google, you can transcribe your money from your bank account or give it to your friend or your family any member account. Now people in all countries make money through Google. Useful apps you can use it. In my opinion, this application can be used.

Hi Translation

By hearing the name of this app, you understand that it is a transaction application. It's best to have the transition app in the middle of the internet. And it's a very useful app. First you download it and enable  all the settings, you can easily do any language translation. It is a very useful app and can easily transition any language and into Google Translate. There is so much fun in this app, but there is no such facility in Google Translate. So you can use this application to your Android device. This is the useful that I use that you can use it.

Disk digger

Disk Digger is an application that allows you to cut any picture on your Android phone. Or you are cutting it, now it seems that the picture can be broken, then you can recovery through this application. Any picture you can recover before it's like. The app's enterprise is a lot simpler to use. Station pictures will not be downloaded, they will need to roots your phone to which you can download.

In my opinion, the applications were the best in 2018, I am using them, you also use them. Like many other applications launched in 2018, I will gradually write blogs of all the applications. So friends will not be seen anymore in the next blog.  thank you for reading my blg site.

      Best Android app Reedit

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